GUILDLINE Instruments 6530 TeraOhm Bridge-Meter Series is the latest innovation in High Resistance and Ultra-High Resistance Measurements. These Bridge-Meters incorporate the latest technology for high resistance measurements providing Metrologists with measurement results superior to that of commercially available Dual Source Bridges.

*Software Users Manual available for download - 6530 Software Users Manual


  • Bridge Mode and Direct Measurement Mode of Operation
  • Resistance Range 100 kΩ to Over 10 PΩ
  • Bridge Mode Multi-Ratios up to 1000:1
  • Test Voltages 1 to 1000 Volt
  • Optional DC Current Measurement Range 10 μA to 100 fA
  • Existing 6520’s can be Upgraded to any of the four NEW 6530 Models
  • Automatic Ranging for Resistance, Integration Time and Threshold Voltage
  • Better Performance & More Functionality than Commercially Available Dual Source Bridges
  • Surface and Volume Resistivity Measurements with 65221 Test Fixture
  • Environmental Monitoring with 65220 Sensors
  • Logging, Graphical Display and Analysis of Measurements
  • Sofcal™ for On-Board Intelligence and Front Panel Calibration
  • Automation of Multiple Measurements with NEW Guildline 6564 Resistance Scanner
  • TeraCal™ Data Acquisition Software Automates Operation
  • SCPI compliant IEEE-488.2 and RS232C Built-In as Standard
  • Rear Input Option