Guildline Instruments 99100A Capacitance Reference System provides for ratio calibration of Capacitance Measurement Systems. The 99100A System comprises a number of highly stable hermetically sealed capacitors with a switch array and a variable high voltage supply. The unique design allows the instrument to be used as a reference for ratio calibration of capacitance measurement instruments.


  • Supports 9910A Capacitance Bridge
  • Ratio Transfer Uncertainty Low as 3 ppm
  • Better than ±20 ppm Stability
  • Calibration Uncertainty ±10 ppm
  • Working Voltage to 800 Vrms
  • Temperature Coefficients < 4 ppm/°C
  • Very Low Voltage Coefficients
  • Provides Ratio Calibration from 1:1 to 100:1
  • Requires Very Little Maintenance