Guildline Instruments 9910A High Voltage Capacitance Bridge is a measurement standard employing the AC Current Comparator principle. The Current Comparator principle is applied to the measurement of ratio and dissipation factors of high voltage capacitors in a similar manner to the classical Schering Bridge but with greatly improved accuracy and resolution.


  • Better than 15 ppm accuracy, permanent
  • Direct reading, six-digit measurements of capacitance from 100 pf to 1000 μF
  • Dissipation factor up to 11.1 percent
  • Working Voltage to 50 kV with 9911
  • Safe to operate, even into Megavolt region
  • Bridge components remain at ground potential
  • Ideal for measuring low-loss, high voltage, power cables, insulators, transformers, P.F. correction capacitors and reactors