Guildline's NEW 3210 Series of Thermometry Auto-Switch with Pre-Heat automates temperature measurements including fixed points and thermometer calibrations.   Up to eight PRTs or other temperature devices can be connected with individually programmable DC currents from 20 µA to 150 mA.


  • Connect up to 8 PRT’s/SPRT’s at One Time
  • Supports Non-SPRT Probes or Devices With Currents Other Than 1 mA
  • Programmable Pre-Heat Currents From 20 µA to 150 mA
  • Pre-Heat Available and Set-able on an Individual Channel Basis
  • Ideal for Use with Fixed Points and Comparison Furnaces
  • 5 Way Front Panel Connectors Allow Easy For Banana Connectors and  Spade Lugs
  • Multiple Interfaces Can be Integrated
  • Front Panel Operator Connection with Touch Screen Control