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The 9230A SERIES of precision DC current shunts / standards are true 4-terminal devices that precisely measure DC currents from 10 A to 10,000 A. They use special alloys in the resistive elements which are supported on an insulating base for mechanical stability. The 9230A includes special features to reduce the effects of power dissipation and associated self heating errors. These shunts are designed to operate in air at full rated current. These are the best performing, and most widely used, DC metrology shunts in the world.

The 9211B DC Precision Current Shunt is an improved version of the world's most widely fielded multi-tap shunt, the model 9211A. The 9211B provides the best uncertainties of any multi-value shunt in the range of 10 μA to 300 A.

GUILDLINE INSTRUMENTS 9711B DC PRECISION CURRENT SHUNT is a four-terminal rack mount or bench instrument designed for convenient measurement of current in nine ranges from 10 microamperes to 300 amperes. Voltage output at full rated current on all ranges is 0.1 volt. Accuracy is calibrated at 23 0C, and an ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Report of Calibration giving the measured values is furnished.