The 6625A is a modular DC Resistance and Current Measurement System including: 6622A Series Bridge, 6634A Temperature Stabilized Resistance Standards, 6664C Scanner(s), world’s most precise and stable 6623A Precision Current Source/Range Extender, Wired Equipment Rack, and Bridgeworks Software.

The 6623A-PCS Series of DC Precision Current Sources provides precise and very stable output currents from 3 A to 10,000 A. The 6623A-PCS Series provides the best uncertainties of any DC high current sources (i.e. < 5 ppm of precision and stability at 1000A). In addition this Series is modular and initial output currents can be expanded at any time.

The 6535 is a Modular High Resistance Measurement System consisting of Guildline’s 6530 TeraOhm Bridge-Meter, 6564 High Resistance Scanner and optionally the Temperature Stabilized 6636 High Resistance Standards.