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Guildline's NEW 3210 Series of Thermometry Auto-Switch with Pre-Heat automates temperature measurements including fixed points and thermometer calibrations.   Up to eight PRTs or other temperature devices can be connected with individually programmable DC currents from 20 µA to 150 mA.

Guildline Instruments 5600 SERIES is the latest in high precision fluid/oil baths providing uniform fluid temperature over a range from -5 °C to 55 °C. This Series of Fluid Baths is designed for both metrology and oceanographic applications and can be used with oil, water, salt water, or other liquids.

Guildline's 6624CT-3000 DC High Current Transformer provides very accurate DC current measurements up to 3000 Amperes. The direct current transformer is designed with an open window to pass a single cable, set of cables, or buss bar that carry the direct current to be measured. The 6624CT-3000 High Current DC Current Transformer produces an output current that varies directly with the input current in three ranges.

Guildline's 6645Q Quantum Hall System has been designed and developed to meet the needs of Standards Laboratories around the world for an improved level of accuracy in the calibration and maintenance of primary resistance standards.

GUILDLINE INSTRUMENTS 6640Q QUANTUM HALL RESISTANCE (QHR) BRIDGE has been completely redesigned to provide better uncertainties and more operational capability

 GUILDLINE’S NEW 6640T SERIES OF TEMPERATURE BRIDGES are redesigned to provide better uncertainties, faster measurement rates and more operational capability.

Guildline Instruments NEW 7223CT-2S Series of Precision AC Current Transformers provides very accurate AC current measurements at high current and for high voltages. The 7223CT-2S is part of the 7223CT Series which are Commercially Available High Precision, Low and High Voltage, AC Current Instruments Capable of Measurement Accuracy <5 part-per-million (ppm) – Accuracies No Other Manufacturer Provides!

Guildline Instruments 7330 Series of Oil Based Resistance Standards are designed for high accuracy resistance calibration in oil (Fluid Baths) or in air.

Guildline Instruments 9340-4T Series of precision RTD Simulators and DC Resistance Standards are a complete family of easy to use low to ultra-low 4 Wire resistance standards offering the best combination of accuracy and resistnce range commercially available.  

GUILDLINE INSTRUMENTS GL 1010 SERIES of Resistance Transfer Standards are designed as very high stability calibration laboratory transfer standards for customers looking to replace the old ESI 1010 series.

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